Here's your 12-month marketing strategy.

We've compiled a comprehensive guide for the next 12 months of your life. Audience building, website & SEO strategy, content, advertising - the whole shebang.

A step-by-step Plan

Your business, in overdrive.

This guide will go over..

Finding your target audience
Developing your brand
Engaging content creation
Effective advertising
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Avengr's Virtual Marketing Department

Things work a little a differently here.

Treat Avengr as your own personal, virtual marketing director. Assign us as many tasks as you need done, and we're on it.

Unlimited Requests

Request as many tasks as you need, no more hourly fees.

Unlimited Revisions

The work's not done until you're satisfied.

Fast Turnaround

We aim to turnaround tasks as quickly as possible, usually between 1-3 business days on average, depending on the scope.

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Tasks Automated

Employee vs. Avengr VMD

Stop looking for that unicorn employee.

Avoid creative burnout and start working with a team of creative super people with proven results.

Full Time Employee
You get:
  • Typically specialized in one or two skills, or master of none
  • Costly - wages, taxes, benefits, training, equipment, recruiting
  • Time consuming onboarding & severance
Avengr VMD
You get:
  • Access to a full team of creative experts
  • Cost effective - simple pricing, no extra out-of-pocket expenses
  • Get started immediately & cancel any time
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Why not hire an employee?

One person.
Payroll costs & taxes.
Limited skillset.
Priority Support
An entire team.
No payroll to worry about.
1 Support System
Priority Support