LUTs vs. Presets - What's the difference?

Looking to get the same look on both your photos & videos?
May 20, 2022

Follow along or check out the short video version of this tip.

Sometimes, you may be looking to get a cohesive look across both your photo and video mediums using LUTs or presets.

A preset can contain a LUT, but generally refers to a larger set of photo editing parameters.

A LUT is a lookup table that your editing program can use to color grade your footage. It works by automatically changing input colors from your raw footage to predetermined output values, creating a consistent & unique look across all of your photos and videos.

Here's how we applied a LUT in our video editor, in this case we're using Final Cut Pro.

Next, we load the same LUT into our photo editor, in this case Capture One, but you can use the software of your choice such as Lightroom.

Selecting the same LUT, both our photos & videos match to provide a seamless look & feel.

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